CAD services specially design for lightning protection

We offer a professional CAD service; working with our team we can accurately set out the lightning protection design directly onto your digital plans or sketched layout, ensuring efficient co-ordination and communication between the services.

We will not only design a lightning protection system that works but one that will also blend into the design of your structure. Our protection systems are perfect for aesthetics-conscious users as they merge in with the structure without sticking out like an eyesore. Our promise is that you will receive your designs that not only ensure the health and safety of your structure, installations and people but are also unobtrusive and do not affect the pleasing looks of your buildings and décor.

We will provide a detailed report on the requirements for protecting the building in question as well as a breakdown of how our design will help aid protect your electrical/electronic installations, as well as covering our safe work methods.

Current British standard for lightning protection systems is BS EN 62305 – 2011, so if you need your lightning protection professionally designed then get in touch. With our low prices, you are unlikely to find another comparable lightning protection solution.