Soil resistivity tests for lightning protection systems

In order to have a secure and fully protected lightning protection system soil resistivity is a critical factor in any electrical grounding design.

At Safe Strike we have the correct equipment and fully trained engineers who can offer several methods of measuring soil resistance. Soil quality can vary greatly depending on depth and how wide the area covers so we will test and inspect your land to apply the best method.

Our team will carry out a survey in order to measure the capacity of the ground to an electrical current as well as:

  • Continuity testing across conductors and the total system
  • Earth resistance testing on individual electrodes and the complete system
  • Soil resistivity testing and analysis for new earthing systems
  • Detailed reports on the condition of the system under test or inspection, with photos and recommendations plus costings on the works required
  • Updates to existing drawings or records or creation of these documents for future reference

For more details regarding our soil resistivity tests for lightning protection systems get in touch now with Safe Strike.