Earthing systems play a fundamental role in the efficient operation of surge protection devices

For full protection it is highly recommend that an earthing system is in place as it plays a vital role in co-ordinating your lightning and surge protection system together. This particular system is responsible for safely dispersing the lightning currents to ground as well as playing a fundamental role in the effective operation of surge protection devices.

A maximum resistance level of 10 ohms or less as recommended by BS 7430 “Earthing” needs to be achieved for full protection which why at Lightning Strike we use a wide range of materials in numerous configurations to achieve this.


Service features

From Lightning Strike you can expect:

  • Conduct soil resistivity measurements for designing new systems
  • Design earthing systems for any application, including equipotential bonding
  • Advise on the best type of materials to use in the existing conditions
  • Supply all the materials needed for installation
  • Check the condition of existing earthing systems
  • Test for continuity across individual earthing systems