Cleaning of roof and surface water drainage systems to all types of properties across the UK



In accordance to the preventative pro-active maintenance programme it is highly recommended that gutters are cleaned once every six months to compensate for seasonal changes.

At Lightning Strike we offer a nationwide maintenance service devoted to the regular cleaning of roof and surface water drainage systems to all types of properties across the whole of the UK. We offer a full UK coverage supported by other group services so you can rest safe knowing that you’re getting value for money.


Group services available:

  • Access and safety systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Gutter clearance and maintenance


We have a network of engineers based throughout the whole of the UK which means we’re able to offer cleaning and clearance of gutters and surface water gullies, channels drains and split drains will be cleaned in accordance with our specifications. If you have channels that are over 50% full will have the grids removed and the spoil manually dug out opposed to just jetting. Once we have completed the job we will bag all the debris and have it safely disposed of.



Once a contract has been agreed you will receive a full report identifying any remedial work required which includes any broken or missing parts, joint seal/bitumen treatments required and any serious blockages. All of the above will be supported by digital photography, recommendations and a quotation.



Contracts and group discounts available for multi-sites, so don’t forget to ask when you get in contact with us!