The Safe Strike functions by collecting the charge of a lightning strike and dispersing it safely through a series of conductors surrounding the building, protecting it from damage. With an improved upward leader and higher voltage at final tip giving an improved radius of protection.The SafeStrike Lightning Protection System is Eco-friendly as it uses less raw materials, reducing your carbon footprint.

The method of charging in this application is created by the lightning phenomenon. Charging takes place due to the electrostatic ‘charge in the air’. Just like rubbing a balloon on a jumper, a static charge exists on the balloon which has a large voltage but a very small amount of energy.

The circuit is based on ‘energy storage’ and a controlled point on when this energy is released.

Safe Strike

When a ground discharge is imminent, the atmospheric electric field on the ground rises to 15-20 KV/m. As this build up occurs, the capacitor in the circuit is charged with a very small current. All electrical circuits involve the flow of current and for current to ‘flow’ there must be a difference in voltage levels between two points in the circuit.