Lightning Protection System Installation Services from Lightning Strike

A lightning protection system must offer protection against lightning strikes for:

  • The structure, i.e. the residence or the commercial / industrial structure
  • Electrical and electronic installations in the structure

First off, unsure about what actually is lightning protection? Well here’s a quick crash course: lightning protection is guiding the current generated by the lightning strike safely to earth and preventing any incidental over-voltages from affecting the electrical installations. Every single protection system is different as it’s dependent on the complexity of the facility being protected. For example, a simple lightning rod might be enough for a typical residence but a meshed system known as a Faraday cage will be required to protect exposed structures containing numerous electronic devices.

When the lightning charge is conducted down to earth a part of the charge can rise up and damage electrical installations if you do not have the correct surge protection devices in place. Induced current can also cause over-voltages and damage electrical/electronic equipment. A secondary protection system that includes surge protection devices is needed to guard these installations against damage.


Lightning Strike Services

Our experienced engineers will assess the risks for your particular building and design a bespoke lightning protection system that will offer complete protection, if you have a design in place we can evaluate your protection device to see if any improvements can be made to offer you better protection.

A lightning protection system includes an overhead structure to capture the lightning current, the conductors to guide it safely away from sensitive devices to earth, the earth leads that ground the current and the links from all metallic structures in your building. It may not sound pretty but we can install a complete protection system in a manner that blends in with the structure and its décor without being an eyesore.


Service Features

  • Execution of all work to meet BS EN 62305 standard
  • Safe access and methods of work
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Nationwide delivery of the services

Also included is a free risk assessment and insurance quotations, both these can reduce the costs of protecting your facility against lightning damage.