Rope Access from Lightning Strike

Initially developed from climbing and caving techniques, rope access is an ideal solution for those "difficult-to-reach" places and eliminates the need for scaffolding, work platforms and cherry pickers.

Modern rope access carried out by trained professionals for a safe ascend, descend and traverse ropes with technicians suspended by a harness.

Some of the most common applications for modern rope access include inspection, maintenance, bridge construction, towers and industrial plants.

  • Rope access technicians always have at least 2 attachments, having an independent anchorage point on each.
  • All tools (e.g. drills, disks) are attached to the technicians harness to avoid danger to people below.
  • Two technicians capable of rescuing one another are necessary for any job.
  • All equipment is maintained and regularly inspected.
  • Codes of practice are adhered to.
  • Independently assessed technicians.

All ropes and equipment are removed at the end of each working day, stopping unauthorised personnel from gaining entry to roofs etc. and to minimise any disruption to employees at the premises.

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