Surge and Transient Protection Equipment Services for Lightning Protection Systems

At Lightning Strike we are experience installers of surge protection systems in the West Midlands area. We specialise in surge protection testing and offer installation and maintenance.


Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

Surge protective devices (SPDs) functional role is safeguarding electrical and mechanical goods against temporary excess voltage and/or current.

Most buildings contain a vast amount of electrical goods, in some cases if these electrical goods where to not work or to be damaged due to lightning it would be very costly to fix. With modern stresses it’s easy to forget to protect such goods, especially against natural elements like lightning.

However, with more insurance claims related to surge damage a greater need for surge and transient protection has risen.


What is surge?

In short, a surge is a slight duration voltage spike that appears on either mains or a low voltage cable which can effect electronic goods like a desktop computer. It is possible that surge can be a result from other sources other than lightning but surges that are created by lightning tend to be of a much higher level and subsequently have a potential to be much more dangerous and damaging.

More common is the induced surge on a buried cable, in one test, lightning-induced voltages caused by strokes in ground flashes at distances of about 5 km were measured at both ends of a 448 meter long, unenergized power distribution line.


How is Surge Protection applied?

The first line of defence is always the mains power feed due to the fact it will always tend to be the primary entrance for a voltage spike before it then spreads into all other associated systems causing havoc.

Surge protection is often recommended and installed to protect building management systems, fire and intruder alarms and CCTV.